FAQ - Dog Respect


We accept all types of credit and debit cards. Other than that you can also pay through PayPal.

No, there are no such hidden charges. Also, we provide Free Shipping on most of the product.

We accept all kinds of credit/debit card. At the time of payment you need to enter your details then further you will be redirected to your bank’s secure page for entering your secure password provided by your bank.

The secure passwords are generated by you, and it is known only to you. It has been done to ensure additional security when you make an online payment.

Delivery of your orders may take up to 1-2 full business days to be processed, picked and packed before it is shipped. PLEASE ALLOW US 7 TO 20 BUSINESS DAYS FOR YOUR ORDER TO ARRIVE. Orders placed during a sale may take a little more time to process in our warehouse due to high volume. We will try our best to get your products to reach to you as soon as possible.

A shipping confirmation mail with your tracking details will be sent to by us you after your product will dispatch. You can easily track your order through using the tracking details, by visiting our official site. Through our website, you will get to know the approximate delivery time it will take by your order to reach its destination.

You will be able to track your order on our website. But still if in case the buyer doesn’t receive the order then he/she can either refund the order or reach out to our Customer Support on support@yourstore.com

It becomes difficult for us to initiate a return after a given timeframe, though we make sure to provide you everything on time. We do not accept your request to return when the item is damaged or broken by you also the items should not be installed or used by you in any way.

All the items delivered inside the package should be returned. Anything missing from the package will not be accepted.

You can cancel your order through an e-mail or by sending us a request to cancel through our website.  You have another option which is to contact us on our customer support email which is support@yourstore.com , before the item has been dispatched.

Also if the item has not been delivered, you may cancel the order. Your refund process will be initiated by us after we receive the original product from the courier.

Please provide us approximately 2-3 working days to cancel your placed order, and you will be surely notified by us through an e-mail regarding the cancellation.

If you want to return or replace an item then drop a mail to us at -support@yourstore.com

After receiving your request for the replacement, we will send you an email which will contain the complete process and will provide you each and every detail regarding your replacement.

It will be initiated after the moment we will receive the original item from you.

If in case you won’t receive your payment then visit to our customer care team, they are available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

You are absolutely free to share your personal experience with us, about how you have used this product or how it is benefitting you.

You can also mention what do like about the product- be it its specific color, quality, shape, design or any other attribute. You can also mention what can be done to make any product better or what other things can be done for a better user experience. You can also help other customers by encouraging them to buy the same product and letting them know that how it helped you, and how in the same way it can help them.