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Dog Care to Help the Dog with Dry Skin

by Assaf Sharashov February 25, 2019

When we think of dry skin or hear the words "dry skin", we automatically think of humans. Little do many people realize that dogs also suffer from dry skin. When a dog has dry skin, it can lead to them feeling very uncomfortable. They will itch and scratch and it may occasionally lead to the bleeding. Dog care for dry skin is very important to their overall well-being. If dry skin is a big problem for your dog, care for dry skin is needed. There are many great products out today for dog care of dry skin.

Foster & Smith has many products for dog care. Some of their skin and coat care products specialize in care dog care for dry skin. Vitacoat® Plus is one of their best products for your dog's dry skin. Omega-6 fatty acids are one of the most important ingredients for dry skin. In addition to many other enhancing ingredients, Vitacost has the highest amount possible of Omega-6.

Healthy Coat Skin & Coat Tabs, another Foster &n Smith product for dry skin, contains not only omega-6 fatty acids but omega-3 as well. This supplement is flavored so your dog won't mind taking these tablets. It won't be long before you'll see a difference in your dog's coat if you use either of these great products. These products are both great for dog care. Dry skin will no longer be a problem to your dog after you use these products.

Although supplements are great for use as dog care for dry skin, many skin problems are a result of the dog's diet. There are many dog foods on the market today. So many, in fact, that it's hard to find the perfect dog food for your dog. Don't always look for the cheapest brand available or even the most well-known brand. It's important to know the ingredients on the bag so you know what's going in your dog. Avoid corn, wheat or soy in your dog's food as these are used as fillers and can cause allergies, especially corn. Look for dog food that has meat listed as one of the top 3 to 4 ingredients on the bag. In addition, look for dog food that has omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids as this is important for adding oils to your dog's skin.

Keep in mind that wintertime is as hard on the dog's skin as it is on our skin. There is not as much humidity in the air so the skin dries out. You may want to get just a supplement to their diet during these months. This may be all you'll need to see a difference in your dog's coat and skin.

Assaf Sharashov
Assaf Sharashov

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