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Choosing Your New Pit Bull Puppy: Dog Advice

by Assaf Sharashov March 04, 2019

Making the decision to add a Pit Bull terrier to your household can be difficult. There are several things that should be taken into account before you go buy your puppy. You should do some research into the breed so that you can learn all about the personality traits characteristic of Pit Bull terriers. It would also be beneficial to learn about behavior traits, and proper care of the dog so that you can be prepared before you bring your new puppy home. And of course, you must decide if you want a male or female.

There are many places that one can purchase Pit Bull terriers from. Probably the best way to find a reputable source would be through the American Pit Bull Terrier Club. By attending some of their meetings, and talking to some of the members there, you can get information on different breeders, and their opinions on who is the best to purchase from. They are probably already Pit Bull terrier owners and should be a good source of information not only on the best breeder to purchase from but general tips about raising a Pit Bull terrier puppy as well.

Your local veterinarian can also be a good source for selecting a Pit Bull terrier breeder to purchase your puppy from. They most likely have a lot of contact with local breeders, as they probably care for their puppies.

If you are interested in a puppy with a pure bloodline, for example, a dog for breeding purposes, you should probably not buy your puppy from a pet store. The puppies there are gotten from several different sources, and it would be very hard to trace their bloodlines for that reason. The prices at pet shops are usually higher, and it would be easy for the unsuspecting shopper to be taken advantage of.

The breeder listings in dog magazines and some newspapers could also be a good resource. They will help you get in contact with different breeders so that you can try to make the best decision. It is important to interview the breeders so that you can compare them and make the best purchase. You should find out how long they have been breeding Pit Bulls, what kind of conditions the puppies are kept in, how they are fed, what kind of contact they have with other dogs and people, and how they are cared for in general. If buying from a breeder that has a business of breeding dogs, you could also check with the Better Business Bureau to see what kind of complaints have been made against them if any.

Don’t buy the first Pit Bull terrier puppy you see from the first breeder you meet. Spend time with several breeders and puppies so that you can see for yourself the puppy’s individual personality. You will be much happier in the end by making a well-informed decision in purchasing your Pit Bull terrier puppy.

Assaf Sharashov
Assaf Sharashov

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