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Capture Fun Moments with Your Pet: Dog Photography

by Assaf Sharashov February 25, 2019

You are the proud owner of a dog, and as such you love to do dog photography as a hobby. You have already accumulated an impressive amount of dog photography, from trips the two of you have taken to the park, to formal portraits. Now you have decided to open your own dog photography studio, but before you do so, be aware of some important steps.

The Steps Needed to Open a Successful Dog Photography Studio

The first step you need to take is finding an appropriate space for your dog photography studio. Some people who have a large home actually create a dog photography studio there, but you would rather rent a space. Be sure to rent a space in an area that is easily accessible, and in an area where lots of people have dogs. Otherwise, you will have to advertise all over the place to get customers.

The next step is deciding what kind of dog photography that you would like to do. Some photographers prefer to only photograph smaller dogs, while others prefer to photograph larger dogs. To attract the most customers, you will most likely have to be able to photograph dogs of all sizes.

As you know, there are many different kinds of dog photography in addition to what kinds of dogs you prefer to photograph. You can do informal pictures or formal pictures. Informal pictures most likely involve the dog being photographed with a favorite toy, while other more formal pictures are the kinds of things that people like to choose from dogs that are shown.

You know from experience that it is not often easy to take pictures of dogs. While some breeds are lazy and docile, others are quite hyper and do not obey directions. To be a successful dog photographer, you need to be able to get dogs in the position that their owner wants for a picture. This is most often achieved with things like treats and dog toys.

So, you have your studio all set up, and now you want to attract customers. Start with taking the pictures of dogs owned by family and friends, so that you have lots of examples for potential customers to choose from. You can also advertise in your local paper, and post fliers on community bulletin boards. With time and patience, you are sure to build up a strong customer base for your dog photography.
Assaf Sharashov
Assaf Sharashov

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